On the eve of world WWII, we see Hitler’s rise to power and Stalin’s Soviet propaganda machine pushing their “utopia” to the western world. Meanwhile, an ambitious young, Welsh journalist, Gareth Jones, heads to Moscow to uncover the truth behind the propaganda when he gets a tip that could expose an international conspiracy. Jones goes on a life-or-death journey to uncover the truth behind the façade that would later inspire George Orwell’s seminal book Animal Farm.

Starring James Norton (Grantchester, Little Women), Vanessa Kirby (The Crown, Mission Impossible: Fallout, Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw), Peter Sarsgaard.

With a magnificent performance by Norton and a deliciously ripe turn from Peter Sarsgaard as Walter Duranty, Holland has unearthed a too-little-known story and presents it beautifully.  -The Arts Desk