Currently on hiatus, LIVE! is our exciting once-a-month concert series. An evening of live music in the intimate setting of the Farmington Civic Theater's upstairs theater. The focus is on talented singer-songwriters.

Performers and audience members appreciate the up-close feeling and ideal acoustics.

LIVE! debuted January 2017 and caught on immediately. Alumni include The Paisley Fogg, Paco Higdon, Sami Mei, Nathan Gittleman, Allie Louise, Mark Barnowski, Rob Taube, Byron Hill, Sophia Jozwiak, Sheila Landis, Rick Matle, David Thomas, Two Lane Bridge, Mia Green, Olivia Millerschin, Jason Longuski, Al Carmichael, Cesar Nowicki and Noel Dyde, Eric Smith, Alison Albrecht, Kubat, Finlay and Rose, Scott Fab, Annie & Rod Capps, Ozzie Andrews, John Latini, Rochelle Clark, Sam Corbin, Mark Jewett, Amy Petty, Dave Boutette & Kristi Lynn Davis, Scott Martin, Jan Krist, Jim Bizer, Mark Reitenga, Cold Tone Harvest, Chris DuPont, Wil Nance, Danika Holmes and Jeb Hart (Danika & The Jeb), Tom Birchler, Jim Kochans, Bobby G., Stephen Clark, Steve Taylor, Steve Acho, Judy Banker, Mike Gentry, Sara Gibson, Jeff Scott, Bones Maki and the Blue Water Boys, Rochelle Clark, Caleb Peters.

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Check out previous performances on our Youtube channel here.


See Elvis Presley in one of his BIG-screen appearance. We rotate among your favorite Elvis flicks.



Experience live music Out Front at the Farmington Civic Theater in Downtown Farmington. Some call it street performing while others use the term "busking". Either way, it sure is a great way to add some energy to town. Out Front began in 2016.

During the warmer-weather months, you'll find talented performers on the sidewalk at the theater. It's a bonus for those arriving for or departing from a movie. Enjoy the music while hangin' outside at the Farmington Brewing Company, John Cowley & Sons and Basement Burger Bar. We see many that sit, for a bit, on the benches to take it all in.