We've been a fixture in the Detroit area since 1940. The theater was designed in an Art Moderne style by C. Howard Crane, the same man who designed the Fox Theatre in Detroit. With a tall blade sign featuring neon letters and a canopy over the entrance, the Farmington Civic Theater is an icon in Downtown Farmington, Michigan.

Back in 1990, the balcony was converted into a second theater by architect Louis Wiltse. Nine years later, the City of Farmington purchased the theater from owner Greg Hohler whose father, Ed, owned it before him. The City refurbished and enhanced the FCT with an updated sound system along with cushioned seats with arm rests and drink holders.

The City's involvement was designed to retain the theater in Farmington's downtown, acknowledging its importance to the community as a landmark and draw.

We continue to hear memories from days gone by and enjoy the stories.


1939Construction began under the direction of architect C. Howard Crane, in Art Moderne style.
1940Opening-night movie, "Hired Wife", shown at the new downtown venue which included balcony seating. Edward Hohler, manager.
1951Edward Hohler purchased the Farmington Civic Theater business.
1973Ed's son, Gregory, began managing the theater.
1989Greg Hohler purchased the theater building. Theater closed for the first time in its history for a five-week remodeling. The balcony became the upstairs theater.
1999The City of Farmington purchased the theater building and business from Greg Hohler.
2000The Farmington Civic Theater re-opened with a gala after being closed for renovations.
201335mm projectors removed. Digital projection, Dolby Surround 7.1 and new speakers installed.